Hylton-Dyament Wedding - March 13, 2010

Kate & Allan Michael Get Married!

Shenandoah Mill - Gilbert, Arizona

Mom-Chacho - getting ready

Chacho- helping Nana

Dad-Scott-getting ready too


Pre- wedding-group-making plans

Allan Michael - waiting...

Phil-Kate - First steps...

Phil-kate-turning the corner..

Up to the platform

Phil and Kate

Betsy, Kate, Allan Michael

Betsy, Kate, Allan Michael face us

Betsy, Kate, Allan Michael, and Jon Paul

Exchanging rings...

Finished with vows

Now married...

First Kiss

Wedding Rings exchanged

Married now

Mrs. & Mr. Allan Michael Dyament

Kate and Allan Michael

Kate and Allan Michael outside

Manny, our family videographer

Jon Paul, Britney, & Deana

Michele and Steven

Tata & Nana, Sharp Couple

Anika, Marisa, Jose Luis, & Ari

The Coolest Couple ever!

Bobby, Kate, AM, & Frances

Tio Cuco & Zoe

Tio Cuco, Ari, Anika, & Zoe

Esther and the little one

The Torres Family

Jon Paul, Allan, Kate, & Betsy

Jon Paul & Tia Yoli

Jose Luis, Maria, & Merardo

Zoe, Esther, Pat, & Al

Allan Michael & Kate, Married!

Kate & AM - Just Married!

Ana & Al

Manny & Ana

Orlando, Frank, & Elaine

Phil, Kate, Allan, & Emily

Phil & Theresa

Tio Cuco, JP, and Girls

The Hylton Family

Tio Cuco, JP, and the Girls

Michele, Cindy, Betty, & Frances

The Kishiyamas and Frances

Cuco and Yoli

Cuco, Yoli, and the Kishiyamas

Esther, Frances, and Yoli

Allan Michael, Tia Yoli, and Kate

Wedding Cake and Sock Monkeys

Kate and Allan Michael

Kate on the Dance Floor

Encinas Family

Al & Esther Outside

Ari, Anika, Uncle Scott & Ana

Carmen, Silvio, & Kate

Ontiveros & Encinas Families

Joey, Emily, Esther, & Al

Esther & Al

Pat Jimenez & Family

Espinoza Family

Joey, Betsy, Emily, Kate, & AM

Jon Paul, Esther, & Al

Phil, Theresa, Dyaments, Al, Esther

Scott, Zoe, Carmen, & Yoli

Evangeline, Zoe, & Carmen

Esther, Kate, AM, & Al

Michele, Steven, Betty, Cindy, Alex

Mama Jo and Grandpa

Mama Jo, Kate, AM and Grandpa